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Penutupan Kode Broker
Mulai Tanggal 6 Desember 2021 Kode Broker sudah tidak ditampilkan lagi secara Real Time pada Running Trade dan ada penyesuaian dengan mekanisme perdagangan.
Simulasi BCP 2022 Selesai
Situasi telah normal dan seluruh aktifitas sudah dapat dilakukan seperti sediakala
Implementasi T+2
Mulai Tanggal 26 November 2018
Penyelesaian Transaksi Bursa di pasar reguler menjadi 2 hari bursa (T+2).

Latest Research

Indonesia Banking Industry: Intact Aug results in top banks

 Indonesia Banking Industry
Analyst: Yap Swie Cu

Intact Aug results in top banks
• Resilient Aug NII
• Total loans grew faster than the industry
• BBCA and BMRI maintained a strong retail funding franchise
• BBRI strengthened its loan loss buffer
• Expecting in-line 3Q23 results. Top picks: BBCA, BMRI, and BBRI

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Inflation: Absence of high-base effect

Analyst: Chandra Pasaribu

Absence of high-base effect
• Inflation of food and fuel
• Pressure from rice and oil prices
• Manufacturing remains sound while tourism continues to recover
• Domestic activities remained solid

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Dharma Satya Nusantara (DSNG IJ): Casting a glance at its operations

Dharma Satya Nusantara (DSNG IJ)
Not rated
Analyst: Alditya Galih Ramadhan

Casting a glance at its operations
• Retain superior productivity
• Expecting potential upswing
• Green practices in operation
• Valuation

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Market News

Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 03 Oct 2023

• Ministry of Finance to reduce cost on frequency fee

• UNTR to distribute interim dividend
• LINK to develop a new data center
• KAEF reports respiratory medicine sales grew 20% MoM
• AALI to distribute dividend interim FY23
• IMAS to complete the deal with Mercedes-Benz
• MAYA to raise IDR2.7tn from rights isssue

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 02 Oct 2023

• Upper-tier savings decelerates

• MDKA invested USD261.5mn
• SKLT plans for a stock split ratio of 1:10
• INDY to establish new subsidiaries
• AMMN’s bottom line eroded by 78% YoY in 1H23
• CAMP remains optimistic for 2H23

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 29 Sep 2023

• Government to offer alternative selection method for spectrum
• Banks strengthen capital structure
• The e-commerce market place is facing dilemma

• MTEL to acquire 105 towers from three companies
• GIAA merger with Pelita Air to be completed in FY23
• PRDA to focus on digital business
• TINS aims top-line at IDR12tn in FY23
• SGER’s subsidiary to list in IDX, aiming to fetch IDR200mn
• TPMA to navigate high demand via fleet expansion
• TAYS partner with MIXIO Holdings Incorporated to expand into Japanese market

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