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Penutupan Kode Broker
Mulai Tanggal 6 Desember 2021 Kode Broker sudah tidak ditampilkan lagi secara Real Time pada Running Trade dan ada penyesuaian dengan mekanisme perdagangan.
Simulasi BCP 2021 Selesai
Situasi telah normal dan seluruh aktifitas sudah dapat dilakukan seperti sediakala
Simulasi BCP OLT Selesai
Situasi dan kondisi yang sudah normal. Seluruh pengguna Yuanta Connect sudah dapat menggunakan Yuanta Connect.
Implementasi T+2
Mulai Tanggal 26 November 2018
Penyelesaian Transaksi Bursa di pasar reguler menjadi 2 hari bursa (T+2).

Latest Research

GDP Growth: Strong momentum

GDP Growth
Analyst: Chandra Pasaribu

Strong momentum
• Further growth despite global turmoil
• Leading sectors delivered moderate growth
• Growth in 3Q22 should slow
• Exports are prospering – Consumer spending under pressure

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Bank Danamon (BDMN IJ): In better shape to weather challenges

Bank Danamon (BDMN IJ)
HOLD-OPF / TP: IDR:2,680 (+5.5%)
Analyst: Yap Swie Cu

In better shape to weather challenges
• Healthy earnings recovery in 1H22
• Minimal change in bottom-line profit estimate
• Stronger fundamentals arms bank to face challenges
• Lower new target price amid rising risk free rate. Re-iterate HOLD call

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Kino Indonesia (KINO IJ): Personal care keeps plunging

 Kino Indonesia (KINO IJ)
HOLD-OPF / TP: IDR:2,500 (+8.7%)
Analyst: Laras Nadira

Personal care keeps plunging
• Bottom line plunged
• All segments lagged in sales, except beverages
• Downgrade our earnings
• Re-iterate HOLD-OPF, with trimmed TP

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Market News

Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 08 Aug 2022

• PZZA to open 42nd store in FY22
• PBID expects to book revenue growth of 10-15% in FY22
• MAPI’s 1H22 net profit jumps 280% YoY
• MAPA’s net profit soars by 354% YoY in 1H22
• AGRS to hold a rights issue

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 05 Aug 2022

• GOTO to utilize EV in 2030
• TBIG is owned by Bersama Digital of 73% stake
• SIDO to strengthen export sales
• DMAS posts IDR660bn in 1H22
• SMRA's 1H22 net profit jumps 135% YoY

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 04 Aug 2022

• BUKK to aim revenue of IDR3.9tn in FY22
• HMSP to execute affiliate transaction worth IDR15.89tn
• BJBR injects capital to Bank Bengkulu

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