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Implementasi T+2
Mulai Tanggal 26 November 2018
Penyelesaian Transaksi Bursa di pasar reguler menjadi 2 hari bursa (T+2).

Latest Research

Suggests taking a defensive stance

Analyst: Chandra Pasaribu

Suggests taking a defensive stance
• Inflation centers around food and health care
• Manufacturing enters contraction
• Transport sector yet to reflect impacts of lockdowns
• Government yet to lift lockdown

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Jasa Marga (JSMR IJ): Gains support from investments

Jasa Marga (JSMR IJ)
BUY / TP: IDR:5,000 (+26.9%)
Analyst: Chandra Pasaribu

Gains support from investments
• In line at operational level
• Delicate balancing act
• PPKM putting pressure on weekly revenue
• Re-iterate our BUY call

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Indosat (ISAT IJ): Operations, tower sale drive bottom line

Indosat (ISAT IJ)
HOLD-OPF / TP: IDR:6,400 (+6.7%)
Analyst: Chandra Pasaribu

Operations, tower sale drive bottom line
• In line operationally
• Consistent policy on data resulted in growth
• Keeping capex on track
• Unchanged HOLD-OPF call

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Market News

Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 03 Aug 2021

• OJK plans to extend the loan restructuring period

• PTPP to aim at energy projects
• ARCI to increase gold production in 2H21
• HEAL targets net profit of IDR1tn
• MARK growth in net profit reach 200% YoY

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 02 Aug 2021

• BNII posts IDR510bn net profit in 1H21
• PPRE works on mining infrastructure project worth IDR6tn

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 30 Jul 2021

• ASII reports earnings recovery but still short of full capacity
• INTP 1H21 result -short of expectation
• HMSP records IDR4.1bn net profit in 1H21
• SILO net profit jumps to IDR152bn
• BNGA’s 1H21 net profit rises 22.3% YoY
• PNBN books IDR1.4tn net profit in 1H21

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