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Latest Research

Bank Niaga (BNGA IJ): Solid 1Q21 result

Bank Niaga (BNGA IJ)
Not rated
Analyst: Yap Swie Cu

Solid 1Q21 result
• Resilient NII owed to lower funding cost
• Robust non-interest income further boosted earnings
• Credit cost stayed at an elevated level
• Maintains cautious outlook for 2021
• Valuation

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GDP Growth: Picking up the pace

GDP Growth
Analyst: Chandra Pasaribu

Picking up the pace
• Yet to come out of recession
• Main sectors on the right path
• Purchasing power remains weak
• Selected cyclical sectors might be interesting

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Indocement (INTP IJ): Better growth traction

Indocement (INTP IJ)
BUY / TP: IDR:14,200 (+14.5%)
Analyst: Chandra Pasaribu

Better growth traction
• Slow start from seasonality
• Mitigating cost pressure
• Feeling more upbeat
• Upgrade to BUY with unchanged TP of IDR14,200 (US$0.99).

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Market News

Tata Cara Pemesanan Saham IPO PT Harapan Duta Pertiwi Tbk

Tata Cara Pemesanan Saham IPO PT Harapan Duta Pertiwi TBK

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 07 May 2021

• Honda auto sales reached 10,000 units in Apr2021

• BRPT to focus on power and petrochemical project
• Mega Corpora to strenghten position in BBHI
• BRIS posts IDR742bn 1Q21 net profit
• ACES will open a new outlet in Depok
• AMRT is preparing an expansion fund of IDR3.0tn

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Yuanta Indonesia Morning Journal - 06 May 2021

• JSMR foresees traffic volume crunch from homecoming restriction
• ITMG to set capex at USD40.5mn in FY2021
• KIJA booked 35% YoY revenue growth in 1Q21
• DNAR to launch a rights issue
• BidCo will become the controlling shareholder of LPPF
• IRRA budgeted capex IDR250-300bn
• ROTI will distribute dividend amounting IDR300bn

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