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Stock Broking

With PT Yuanta Sekuritas, you can have access to a wide range of investment choices to create an investment portfolio that suits you.

Why trade with us?
  1. Access to equities, derivatives and wealth management products across Asia. Participate in the positive growth of Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan and many more Asian markets with our growing stockbroking presence and network of broking partners.
  2. Fast trades and reliable order execution. Stay ahead of the market and benefit from our fast and accurate order execution services.
  3. Trade with leverage and open a trade position larger than the cash balance in your account. Leverage can amplify your gains and multiply your returns. Conversely, one can also incur significant losses very quickly.
  4. Get the latest in-depth stock research and comprehensive market insights with your stockbroking account. Our daily journal highlights the potential movers and shakers for the day and find out through our strategy and industry updates, how the latest changes in domestic regulations will impact your portfolio.